Babyhood Boppy Pillows Zip off Cover - Assorted Colours

Babyhood Boppy Pillows Zip off Cover - Assorted Colours
Babyhood Boppy Pillows Zip off Cover - Assorted Colours

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Babyhood Boppy Pillows Zip off Cover - Assorted Colours

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Breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural method of feeding your baby and building a special bond with your baby. For those mums who can and choose to do so, whilst a beautiful experience, it can be demanding on your body and place a little strain on your neck, back and shoulders if you are not properly supported.

You will often feed your new born baby every 2-4 hours every day for many months so it is important that you are comfortable to enjoy this wonderful bonding experience. New dads will love it for bottle feeding and bonding with baby.  

To support you during feeding we have designed the babyhood Boppy Pillow.

The pillow can be used as a nursing pillow or sitting support for your baby when they are ready to learn to sit and a neck pillow.

The pillow is part of babyhood’s Breathe Eze TM range and is filled with high quality fiber which is breathable, dust mite resistant and allergy resistant.  It is a firm pillow which offers great support and will not flop all around unlike the many imitations in the market. It is designed to suit your body shape and not just sit on your lap and slip around. It also has no pieces to fit on your back so you are not forced to feed upright (without a back support) and can sit back and relax and feed.

We recommend the range of babyhood feeding glider chairs and matching ottomans which are designed to be used with the babyhood nursing pillows for the most comfortable nursing experience.

Enjoy the pleasure of feeding your baby without the stress and discomfort with babyhood Boppy Pillow.


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Colour Available Assorted
Carton 1 No
Carton 2 No
Carton 3 No
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Age No
Mattress Size No
Cot Type No
Gender No
Window Shade Size No
Clothing Size No
Clothing Size No
Mosquito Nets Size No
Change Mats Size No
Pillow and Mattresses Size No
Play Pen Mats Size No
Towels Size No
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