babyhood Breathe Eze™ Bassinet Mattress 340mm * 710mm

babyhood Breathe Eze™  Bassinet Mattress 340mm * 710mm
babyhood Breathe Eze™ Bassinet Mattress 340mm * 710mm

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Quick Overview

babyhood Breathe Eze Bassinet Mattress 340mm * 710mm

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babyhood Breathe Eze Bassinet Mattress 340mm * 710mm


  • Removable cover
  • Hand wash and line dry cover
  • Breathe Eze fiber is easy to clean by simply washing with clean water
  • Dry mattress pad in dry shady area

Why buy babyhood Breathe Eze?

Did you know that your baby will spend up to 80% of their first year sleeping?

babyhood’s range of Breathe Eze products will ensure superior comfort, and importantly a pure and healthy environment, free of harmful synthetic chemicals. The natural environment created is microbial and dust mite resistant and allergy resistant. By using natural materials we have been able to develop a range of products including, cot, bassinet and cradle mattresses, cosy cribs, pillows, nursing pillows, head supports, sleep positioners and stroller liners. From the fiber cot mattress to the superior quality innerspring mattress we ensure the mattress is breathable. The use of bonded fiber creates a firm and elastic mattresses to ensure the perfect balance of comfort and support for your baby. Each mattress has a unique features like zip off covers for easy cleaning, vents for extra air flow and vinyl to prevent dust from entering the mattress from below.

Cosy cribs, nursing pillows and cot pillows are all Breathe Eze as we use bonded fiber and cotton covers to allow continuous air flow. Our range of head supports, sleep positioners and stroller liners are also Breathe Eze as we use breathable fabrics and aero mesh backing to create a spring system to boost air flow and circulation.


Additional Information

Colour Available Assorted
Carton 1 No
Carton 2 No
Carton 3 No
Assembled No
Age No
Mattress Size No
Cot Type No
Gender No
Window Shade Size No
Clothing Size No
Clothing Size No
Mosquito Nets Size No
Change Mats Size No
Pillow and Mattresses Size 340mm * 710mm * 50mm
Play Pen Mats Size No
Towels Size No
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