babyhood Breathe Eze™ Hug a Babe

babyhood Breathe Eze™ Hug a Babe
babyhood Breathe Eze™ Hug a Babe

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The ORIGINAL babyhood Breathe Eze TM Hug a Babe Don't settle for the cheap quality imitations at more expensive prices. Ask your local retailer for the original babyhood Breathe Eze Hug A Babe.

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The babyhood Hug a Babe TM is designed to cradle infants while providing all the necessary support for their delicate little bodies. The cool aero mesh backing increases air flow and the plush micro toweling absorbs perspiration in the summer, whilst still cosy and warm in the winter. The babyhood Hug a Babe TM is washable and will keep your baby’s play areas clean and fresh whilst supporting their delicate bodies.  Best of all this product is made with breathe eze TM  fibre which encourages air flow and breathability.  It is also versatile to use on an entire range of products including prams, strollers, swings, rockers and car seats.


  • 2 pce support to adjust for your growing baby
  • Padded head rest to support you baby
  • Breathe Eze TM micro towel fabric
  • Aero mesh backing for extra air flow
  • Adjustable harness position
  • Colour fast & stain resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Available in Cream, Soft Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Turquoise and Black

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