babyhood Universal Duo Change Table

babyhood Universal Duo Change Table
babyhood Universal Duo Change Table

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Now you can go straight or curvy with the  Universal Duo Change Table. It includes a curve panel or straight panel to suit any nursery.

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Curve or square? You don’t need to decide as you can have both.

The Universal Duo Change Table is an essential for any nursery space.  

It is the ideal height for most parents, which creates the perfect ergonomics for your back - so no more back breaking bending to change baby several times a day. Two shelves to store the essentials required during change time makes changing your baby a breeze (although sometimes a smelly breeze) and also castors for easy manoeuvrability for vacuuming. Best of all, now you can have the best of both worlds with the interchangeable change table panel. 

You can select from 2 stylish options a square or a curved aesthetic - allowing you to change not only your baby but also your nursery style from curvy to square and back again. Simple and versatile - to take the back breaking work out of changing your baby.


Additional Information

Carton 1 110cm * 68cm * 10cm
Carton 2 No
Carton 3 No
Assembled 124cm * 78cm * 54cm
Age No
Mattress Size No
Cot Type No
Gender No
Window Shade Size No
Clothing Size No
Clothing Size No
Mosquito Nets Size No
Change Mats Size No
Pillow and Mattresses Size No
Play Pen Mats Size No
Towels Size No


1 More versatile as it includes interchangeable panels for a curved or straight nursery styling.
2.Safer for changing your baby with higher sides for added safety
3.Good for your back and shoulders as it is ergonomically designed to offer better support when changing you baby.
4.More organised storage options with 2 shelves for storing all your baby's needs
5 Easy to manoeuvre around your nursery with 4x lockable castors

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