Carriwell Washable Breast Pads Natural Silk - White

Carriwell Washable Breast Pads Natural Silk - White
Carriwell Washable Breast Pads Natural Silk - White

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Carriwell Washable Breast Pads Natural Silk

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On average, women will use approximately 3000 disposable breast pads. This is a huge financial cost and a terrible burden on our environment. A sensible alternative are washable breast pads! Carriwell offers a choice of two...

Soft Touch Cotton Washable Breast Pads have high absorbency, a breathable leak proof layer and natural unbleached fabric is essential in good re-usable breast pads.

Natural Silk Washable Breast Pads are the ultimate breast pads for the treatment or 
prevention of cracked nipples. The natural anti-inflammatory properties in silk, sooth 
cool and heal sensitive and sore nipples

  • Machine washable for added convenience.
  • A super absorbent layer designed to move moisture away from the skin.
  • The breathable leak-proof layer traps moisture for maximum confidence.
  • Great air circulation as all the layers is breathable, including the leak-proof layer.
  • The slim, supremely comfortable fit moulds perfectly to your breast size and shape.
  • Economical, huge financial and environmental saving compared to disposable pads.


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