Daphanie Bath Support

Daphanie  Bath Support
Daphanie Bath Support

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Daphanie Bath Support


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Daphanie  Bath Support

The Daphanie bath support is designed to make bath time easier. The special molded design supports your baby while in the bath. The support has two suction cup stoppers to reduce movement with bathing and an adjustable crutch section for a more snug fit for your baby.


  • Molded shape
  • Adjustable crutch section
  • Non slip suction legs
  • Available in white

Additional Information

Colour Available White
Carton 1 No
Carton 2 No
Carton 3 No
Assembled No
Age No
Mattress Size No
Cot Type No
Gender No
Window Shade Size No
Clothing Size No
Clothing Size No
Mosquito Nets Size No
Change Mats Size No
Pillow and Mattresses Size No
Play Pen Mats Size No
Towels Size No
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