iBabyGuard Infant Smart Mat Movement Monitor

iBabyGuard Infant Smart Mat Movement Monitor
iBabyGuard Infant Smart Mat Movement Monitor

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Quick Overview

World's first breathe count monitor

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iBabyGuard tm Infant Smart Mat the World’s First Infant Smart Mat that Detects Breath Movement Count is Clinically Test-Bedded and Validated by Singapore’s Largest Paediatric Hospital.

Since a newborn may sleep as much as 16 hours a day, it is a vital to monitor your life little one’s sleep to ensure that they are safe and sound. However, it can be physically demanding to constantly check on your baby while juggling with your daily activity.

iBabyGuard TM  Infant Smart is a state-of-the-art Singaporean invention that monitors your baby’s breath count during sleep. It uses non-invasive fbre optics technology that is capable of detecting the most subtle breath movements in your newborn infant. Besides providing you with constant updates on your baby’s breath movement counts, iBabyGurad TM Infant Smart Mat can also detect and alert you whenever your baby is awake or rolls of the mat.

The ibaby Guard Infant Smart Mat is a world fist and the only monitor in the world which gives you a LIVE heart rate count without dangerous cords and cables.

The breath count indicator has only ever been available in hospitals using sophisticated monitoring systems and is now available for mums, dads and carers at home. So now you can take the stress out of putting baby down to bed, giving yourself peace of mind.

It is simply the fastest, most portable, easy to use and convenient breath movement monitor in the market.


Key features:

  • Fibre optic sensors deliver an accurate heart rate
  • 15 seconds response if child stops breathing
  • Will monitor low and high breathing movement
  • Multi alarm system - if no breathe is recorded, if infant is awake and moving and if infant come off the mat
  • Portable (includes a travel bag)Will monitor infants movement while asleep
  • Battery operated – cordless to reduce the risk of entanglement or suffocation
  • Batteries included


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