Cot Bumpers

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It's not something many parents would like to consider, but entrapment hazards in their baby's cot or  crib are real and can cause some serious health problems. Luckily, we manufacture cot bumpers that keep baby's arms and legs secure, in any babyhood cot. If our customers aren't lucky enough to own a babyhood product, our cot bumpers will fit most baby cots or cribs on the market.

Not only does this range keep baby safe in their cot or crib, it also looks fantastic. These items including our range breath eze mesh bumpers have satin finished edges, are constructed from a fine mesh to ensure constant air flow, and come in pastel colours to complement any nursery furniture.

Now baby's limbs or garments can be prevented from being entangled in any part of their cot or crib when one of our products is keeping them safe. Parents can rest easy, knowing that our product is providing their child with the safest possible place to sleep and rest.

Our range can be browsed via our easy-to-use web store right away. Call us at +61 07 3208 3555 if you have any enquiries about how our products work!

Cot bumper