Tips for Maintaining Your babyhood Product

Thank you for choosing a quality babyhood product.

babyhood tips on how you can enjoy your babyhood products for longer:

- Wipe up any spills immediately with a soft, clean cloth to avoid liquid stains or warping.
- Clean your babyhood furniture by wiping the surface with a soft clean cloth (dampened with water only) and then dry gently with a soft clean cloth.
- Do not use any household cleaners or detergents on any products unless specifically advised on the packaging.
- Do not use any strong cleaners which contain any bleaching agents or any strong chemicals.
- Always wipe in the direction of the grain of the wood and do not wipe in a circular motion for the cleaning of any timber products.
- Do not expose your babyhood furniture to direct sunlight, direct heat sources, extreme changes in temperature, moisture or damp (unless intended in its use).
- Urine spills on furniture will cause discolouration of the surface.
- Avoid contact with sharp objects.
- Avoid contact with rubber bottoms on items. Use a felt based bottom to protect your babyhood furniture surfaces.
- Avoid contact with adhesive sticky tapes including price tags as they contain chemicals that can corrode or discolour the surface of your product.
- Do not open more than one drawer in a chest at a time as this may lead to instability.
- Follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions on each product instruction sheet and keep them for continued maintenance and care to get the best out of your babyhood product.

babyhood Warranty

babyhood nursery products carry a 1 year from date of purchase manufacturer’s fault warranty.

This warranty excludes:

- general wear tear;
- damage caused by the product not being used in accordance with its instructions or the care instructions;
- damage caused by misuse or negligence;
- damage caused by improper transporting and handling including the packaging being opened incorrectly;
- any product that may have been altered in design or colour;
- freight damage due to transportation by the store or retailer;
- second hand products or display products; or
- any product that is not used for its intended purpose.

All warranty claims must be lodged directly with your store of purchase. An original and valid tax invoice must be provided to the store of purchase to lodge a warranty claim together with the actual product or part in question.

If the product is under warranty, babyhood will replace or repair any defective part (at its complete discretion) direct to your store of purchase.
In the event of a product being replaced, as a whole unit or part thereof during the warranty period, the warranty on the replacement will expire 1 year from the original purchase date.

Your babyhood stockist will be able to lodge your claim in writing through our babyhood customer service department.

If you have any further questions please contact your store of purchase.