Faulty Products

  • Whilst the utmost care is taken to produce our products, we recognise that there is no perfect product and sometimes something might not be right.
  • For this reason, our products are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, to give you peace of mind when buying from us. This is a warranty against defects caused during manufacture of the product.
    • This warranty excludes transport damage. If you have purchased directly from us and your product has been damaged in transit please Click Here
    • This warranty also excludes incorrect assembly or use, mishandling, wear and tear and natural imperfections that are reasonably foreseeable with products of this nature.
    • Please read our FAQs about the nature of timber. For further information about our manufacturer’s warranty, please refer to your instruction manual.
  • If your product has a manufacturing fault, please contact your store of purchase. Our authorised retailers have a process to support your product concerns.
  • If you purchased from our retail store or placed a click & collect order, please return the product to the store.  Our business hours can be found here
  • If you purchased online, please CLICK HERE to submit a service request. Please ensure you provide details about your concern including your order number, video or image of your concern and your product cartons (boxes) and date of purchase. Our team will do their best to respond to you with 24-48 business hours.
    • All warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase, within the warranty period. The warranty period will vary depending upon the product. Please refer to your product specifications on this website for details of the warranty relating to your product.
    • The cost of returning your product to us for assessment, repair or replacement are required to be covered by you, as our products flat pack into cartons, so the costs of freight will not be significant. For the purposes of the Australian Consumer Law examples of products provided that are too large and heavy to return, at your cost, are an extension ladder stuck in an extended position or a product fixed to a structure like a stove or dishwasher. This is noted in the Australian Consumer Law Guide page 21, details can be found Here.
  • If your product is damaged please do not assemble the product and for your safety and the safety of your children please do not use the product. Please send images of the damaged product in the cartons and any damage to the cartons to your store of purchase or our service team if purchased directly from us.
  • If your product has a manufacturing fault, we will offer to rectify your concern by repairing, replacing or refunding the product, at our discretion.
  • We will do our very best to assess your concern as soon as reasonably possible, as we appreciate that all our customers are busy parents and parents to be. In order to facilitate this, we will often ask you to send us a photo or video of your concern, so we can do our best to assess it without having the item returned. We may not be able to assess your concern via the images so in this case, we will ask you return the item to us.
  • Our manufacturer’s warranty is in addition to your rights under the Consumer Guarantee, in the Australian Consumer Law.
  • Please remember that our team will do their very best to reasonably assist you with your warranty claims and queries.

We are the parents of the next generation, if we cannot lead with good example, then what future does the world have with our progeny. So please be honest, kind and respectful when dealing with our team, as they will always do their best to help you. Please don’t be rude.