How Can We Help?

Here are some of the common questions we are asked.

If your questions aren’t answered below, please contact us.

What safety standards do your products meet?

All our products meet and often exceed the relevant Australian Standards. We strive to be a leader in this industry, to ensure “best practice in our industry” is adhered including following non mandatory guidelines and directions from our expert regulators.  Our cots meet the Australian and New Zealand safety standards AS/NZS: 2172/2010.

Do you offer a product warranty?

All our products are covered by a manufacturer’s no fault warranty. It excludes transport damage, incorrect assembly or mishandling and wear and tear. All warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase, within the warranty period. Please refer to your product instruction manual for details of the warranty relating to your product. Alternatively please contact your store of purchase, who will assist you with your warranty claim. The cost of freight of your product and any replacements are not covered by us, as you will need to pay these freight costs.

We also take this opportunity to remind you that our team do their very best to reasonably assist you with your warranty claims and queries.

We are the parents of the next generation, if we can not lead with good example, then what future does the world have with our progeny. So please be honest, kind and respectful when dealing with our team.

Where can I get help to assemble my product?

All our products include an instruction manual in the packaging carton. The instruction manual includes a how to guide to assemble of products. If you cannot locate your instruction manual,  please contact us.

If you are having difficulty assembling a product, please contact us as we can assist you with further information to assemble the product correctly. It is very important to follow the assembly instructions provided to ensure your product is safe for use and avoid unnecessary damage to your product. If in doubt please contact us.

Why should I use your mattress for your cot?

Your baby’s mattress is one of the most important items you buy for your baby. We offer  range of mattresses to suit your different needs including breathable fibre mattresses and innerspring mattresses, with an amazing 10 year warranty on the springs and are tested to the Australian Standard to avoid SIDS. Our mattresses are a better quality and have been made specifically for use with our cots, so they are a better fit for our cots.

For more information about our mattresses click here.

What is a drop side for a cot?

A drop side for a cot, is one panel on our cot that moves up and down. A drop side is ergonomically designed to support parents and carers, who either suffer from back pain or wish to avoid strain on their back, shoulders and arms or who are cannot comfortably reach the lower base level of the cot.

Drop sides are perfectly safe, if designed and made correctly with good quality mechanisms. We design many of our cots with our famous smooth single hand drop side, as we believe as parents ourselves, that this makes life just a little easier and painless when raising busy families – no heavy bending necessary.

How many base levels do your cots have?

Our cots have 2 base levels. The Australian Standard does not permit a cot to have any more than 2 base levels, as the safety experts believe that a cot with more than 2 levels is unsafe.

The first level is called the bassinet level. It is suitable for a newborn until just before they are able to sit upwards or lift themselves up. We recommend that you lower your base level to the lower level when they reach this stage, to prevent your baby from climbing out of the cot.

Can the drawers come out of the chest of drawers?

The drawers can be removed however you will need to lift the drawer upwards before pulling out completely. This is a safety feature, to prevent children from pulling the drawers out on top of themselves. If you do not lift the draw first, you may damage or break the draw mechanism.

Why does my product vary from the image?

As technology improves we take every opportunity to improve and update our products. We also listen to our customer feedback. Where possible we update and improve the quality of our products to make them more convenient for you to use and also to ensure they continue to evolve with current trends in fashion.

For these reasons the images of our products may vary from the actual finished product. This is not a manufacturing fault. We recommend you take the opportunity to view the product in your store of purchase or come and visit our Brisbane showroom.

How do I care for my product?

In order to maintain your product, please follow the care instructions in the instruction manual.

Like all things in life, regular care and maintenance of your product will ensure it lasts longer and looks beautiful for longer.

White timber products due to the nature of the colour, are more prone to accentuate natural blemishes, marks or scuffs. We recommend for any such aesthetic imperfections, we recommend a gentle wipe with a Magic Eraser, which can be purchased at your local supermarket.

What kind of paint do you use on your furniture?

The paint finishes on our furniture are a water based non-toxic paint.  This paint is tested to a mandatory safety requirement of the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 8124:2012), so it is safer for a baby. Our paint is custom made for our products and the colours will not be the same as other manufacturer’s colours or paint colours of the same name in other brands. The surfaces of our furniture are not hard sealed, like adult timber furniture as often these hard sealants contain toxic chemicals, which may be harmful to a baby.

Why does my furniture vary in colour and texture?

Timber is a natural product; that is part of its beauty, so a colour variation, knots in the timber and grain pattern, minor undulations are both natural and to be expected. We do not colour match timber during fabrication as the waste from such practices would be environmentally irresponsible, so you will see some variations in your products. We believe this is what makes our timber products naturally beautiful. These variations are unavoidable as timber is seasonal and will vary between season, including the way in which the paint appears on different surfaces. These variations will not be considered manufacturing faults or defects under our warranty.

Why does my product emit an odour?

Like all new products that have been carefully wrapped in protective packaging, naturally occurring gases may accumulate. What you may smell is a build-up of gas dissipating. This is a naturally occurring process and is safe. For those extra acutely aware of smell, you may also smell the residue of fumigation. We are required to fumigate all our furniture products by Australian law and these services are highly regulated for safety by the Australian Government.

Can we buy the stain and paint finishes used on the timber products from you?

The paints and stain finishes we use are custom made and are not available to purchase from us. If you wish to repaint your product, we recommend that you take a part of the product down to your local hardware or paint store for colour matching in the store, with a safe non toxic paint or stain.

Can I leave my child to teeth or bite on their cot?

Whilst some of our cots have factory fitted teething rails, on select panels, we do not recommend that parents use any of our cots as a teething support or tool. Teething is a natural process of a child’s growth, however our cots are not designed as teethers, so alternative teething support should be sought, and children should not be left to bite or suck on their cot, as this may result in damage to the cot.

Where can I see and buy babyhood products?

Contact us to find a retailer near you. Retailer displays vary from store to store so we recommend you call your local retailer to check what they have on display, prior to visiting the retailer.

Where can I get spare parts?

If you need spares please contact us and let us know what part you are looking for, what the product name is and how old the product is. Please also send us a picture of the base of your cot, the part you are looking for to better assist us to help you.