Double Prams are extremely convenient for the proud parent of two bubs, whether you have twins or two little ones – tandem prams will allow you to travel with you children with ease.
Perfect for growing families or for families with double the bundle of joy and those families on the move. No more juggling, no more stress, just complete ease, functionality and versatility with our BabyHood double pram options. With our extensive range of high quality prams you will be able to control, steer and navigate all sorts of terrain with ease, while you and your little ones enjoy your outdoor adventures.

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  • babyhood are excited to introduce the one and only Doppio. The fully customizable inline stroller from single to twin to double pram to travel system for growing families or for families with double the bundle of joy and those families on the move. The unique super lightweight design delivers a complete all-round solution for parents as this inline stroller is suitable for 1 child or twins or even multiple age children – as there are up to 16 different modes all with 1 large seat.

  • You can’t control your destiny, but you can be ready for the stroll ahead. With an all-season seat, swanky storage system, and the ability to expand to a double or (gasp!) even a twin—the DEMI grow really does have it all—no matter what fate may throw your way.


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