Shipping and Delivery

Dispatch and Delivery

  • We use independent third-party freight companies for delivery of your order. They may outsource your order to another freight company, especially if you do not live in a capital city.
  • We will dispatch your order within approximately 4-5 business days of receipt of your payment in cleared funds. This dispatch time may vary and is an estimate only.
  • Deliveries times will depend upon your location and the time of year.
  • You will be sent a tracking number with your invoice to track your delivery with the third-party freight company. PLEASE check your junk mail to ensure you receive your tracking details.
  • You may receive an automated email communication from our courier network. Please disregard this email as the delivery date is not accurate as it reflects a bulk delivery of your order to the courier’s depot in your capitol city. The accurate delivery date will be sent directly by us via separate email so please ensure you are home for your delivery.
  • All orders will have An Authority To Leave(ATL) if you are not home for your delivery. We do however recommend that you are at home for your delivery as we are not responsible for any theft or damage to goods after the goods have been delivered, including (but not limited too) rain and other weather conditions.
  • If you are not home for delivery and you live in a location where the freight company cannot leave your order, you will need to contact the freight company and arrange to collect the item from their depot or pay a redelivery fee. We cannot arrange this for you.
  • We are unable to deliver to a P.O. Box or Parcel Box. Items cannot be delivered by third party companies without this signature, so please do not instruct them otherwise.
  • If you live in an apartment or a building complex, please note that the freight companies may not deliver directly to your unit. Most freight companies will only deliver your order to the main reception area or the ground level of the building complex.
  • We are unable to take responsibility for delays which are outside of our control and cannot provide refunds or compensation for these delays, as we do not own or control the freight companies.
  • Your delivery address cannot be changed once you place your order as we use third party freight companies and cannot amend delivery details after booking your freight.
  • It is very common for freight companies to do split deliveries where you have multiple cartons. Please check your tracking details and they will note whether your order has been split for delivery. Ordinarily your remaining cartons will be delivered with 3 business days. If you have checked your tracking details and are unsure, please contact the freight company directly, as they will be able to assist you with information about your delivery.

Estimated delivery to:

    • Brisbane is approximately 4-5 business days of receipt of your payment in cleared funds
    • Sydney is approximately 6-12 business days of receipt of your payment in cleared funds.
    • Melbourne is approximately 8-16 business days of receipt of your payment in cleared funds.
    • Adelaide is approximately 8-20 business days of receipt of your payment in cleared funds.
    • Perth is approximately 14-21 business days of receipt of your payment in cleared funds.
    • Hobart is approximately 14-21 business days of receipt of your payment in cleared funds
  • These dispatch times may vary and are an estimate only.
  • Please be advised we continue to ship nationally, however please note due to increased demand, lockdowns and freight company staff shortages, freight companies are experiencing delays of up to 15 business days.
  • Please order in advance to avoid disappointment!
  • If you live in regional area, freight companies may not service your area. They may deliver to a location point near your regional area but not your home, so you will need to collect your order from the location point, at your cost. If you are unsure if our freight company will deliver to your home in a regional area, please contact us here and we will make an enquiry with our freight company.

When You Receive Your Goods

  • You must open and check your order to ensure it has been delivered in good condition and completely, prior to signing for the delivery. This is important to ensure you receive all the goods and in good condition. If the delivery driver is unable to wait for you to check your order, please note on the delivery note if there is any carton damage.
  • If your goods are received damaged or items are missing, please immediately:
    • Note it on the delivery note that it was received damaged or missing;
    • Tell the delivery driver it is damaged or missing;
    • Contact us immediately and tell us if your goods are damaged, so we can resolve it on your behalf, with the freight company;
    • If goods are missing please contact your freight company before contacting us;
    • Do not dispose of the damaged product or the cartons or packaging. You will need to provide images of the damaged product and carton to the freight company.
  • If you do not do so, your freight insurance will be void and the damage or missing goods will not be covered.
  • Your freight insurance is only valid for 5 business days from receipt of your delivery. Whilst we appreciate that our customers are busy people and pregnant please do not delay in advising us of any damage or missing products as unfortunately the freight companies will not process claims outside of this period and you will need to purchase replacement parts and we will not be able to cover the cost of those parts.
  • We will do our best to lodge the freight claim on your behalf but please note that in our experience, freight companies do take a several days to respond to a claim and tell us the next course of action, so please be patient (although we understand it is frustrating, sometimes).
  • We also remind you if you product is damaged on arrival please do not assemble your product for your safety and the safety of your children please do not use the product.