Amani Bebe Organic 4 Kisses Blanket

Four layers of luxurious bliss for your precious baby with the beautifully crafted 4 Kisses Blanket.



Created with love, like each of your kisses, each of the 4 muslin layers are gentle on baby’s delicate skin as there are 2 layers of GOTS certified organic cotton and 2 layers of luxurious bamboo.

This lightweight blanket is thermo-regulating as it keeps your baby sleeping safely and comfortably as the layers wick moisture away and reduces overheating. This reduces the risk of SIDS.

The unique four layers increases air flow through the blanket to improve breathability and overall comfort.

The combination of natural fibres gives you the best of both worlds of organic cotton and bamboo. The bamboo fabric is soft and gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. It is also hypo-allergenic so it is especially gentle for those bubs with sensitive skin or eczema. Bamboo is sustainable as it is a fast-growing plant and is eco-friendly as it does not require an abundance of water to grow. It is also biodegradable, so it gives you peace of mind that you are gentle with your footsteps on our earth.

The organic cotton is strong and durable, offering greater warmth and comfort.

This beautifully created blanket is suitable all year round, for winter days and summer nights.

It is generous in size, so it is the perfect blanket for swaddling or wrapping in accordance with the safe sleep guidelines. Watch how the sleep experts recommend you prepare your baby for sleep time using our beautiful muslins. Click here

Your baby is the most precious little human in your life. Naturally, you want to do everything you can to ensure that they have the best in life. You may have already switched to organic food to guarantee they are healthy on the inside so why not ensure what you wrap them in is safe too? We have compared why it is best to choose organic products for your baby.

The big difference between organic and conventional cotton is the way the product is produced, and the amount of toxic chemicals used in the process. This is how organic cotton is produced:

• It is harvested delicately with the use of natural cotton seeds.

• The soil used is chemical free.

• Farmers only use rainwater to grow the crop.

• No chemicals or pesticides are sprayed at any stage of the process.

• The cotton balls are handpicked and never bleached or dyed with the use of toxic chemicals.

• If dyes are used, they are usually plant based, nontoxic dyes.


It lasts longer

This is because organic cotton’s resilient fibres have not been damaged by chemicals during the growing and weaving process.

It’s Free from Toxic Chemicals

So you can rest easy, knowing your child is not inhaling anything toxic.

It’s Softer and More Comfortable

Maximising your baby’s comfort and ensuring they stay cosy and itch-free.

It’s Better for Your Baby’s Skin

As organic cotton always keeps its natural state, it makes it mould resistant and antimicrobial too, so there is less of a chance of your child developing skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and skin allergies.

It’s Better for The Environment

No chemicals are used, and farmers recycle rainwater so water from conservations isn’t wasted.

It’s Better for Farmers

The farmers aren’t exposed to any harmful chemicals and don’t inhale any pesticides and insecticides. They also aren’t forced into debt from purchasing expensive GMO seeds.

How do we know our textiles are Organic Cotton?

We use certified textiles by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

To obtain the GOTS “organic” label, a product must:

• Contain at least 95% organic fiber

• Not be treated with bleach, formaldehyde or any other toxic substances

• Be colored with nontoxic dyes

• Be produced in a mill that enforces strict social and environmental standards, treating their employees and the earth with deep respect.

• GOTS certification means that our products meet the very highest standards.

Luxurious Combination Organic Cotton & Bamboo

Created with love, like each of your kisses, each of the 4 muslin layers are gentle on baby’s delicate skin as there are 2 layers of GOTS certified organic cotton and 2 layers of luxurious bamboo.

Organic Cotton

Now you can rest easy, knowing your child is not inhaling anything toxic. Best of all it maximises your baby’s comfort and ensures they stay cosy and itch-free.


It is gentle on sensitive skin and better for bubs with eczema and it is more absorbent than cotton, providing a drier feel even after an accident as it wicks moisture away from baby

Generous Size

So it is ideal for swaddling and wrapping

Safer For Baby

Lightweight fabric so it reduces overheating


• GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

• Generous size so it is ideal for swaddling and wrapping  – 120cm x 120cm

• Breathable with finely woven open-weave organic cotton textile so you know your baby is safe while sleeping

• Beautifully soft to touch luxurious textile

• Durable fabric

• Machine washable in a cold gentle wash

• Available in White Leaf & Tic Tac Toe

Regulatory Standards

We use organic textiles certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard


Wrap Size 120cm x 120cm
Packaged Dimensions W26cm x L8cm x H25cm
Fabric Type 4 luxurious layers
2 layers made of GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
2 layers made of Bamboo
How to use Watch now – Click Here
Product Care Wash before use
Normal gentle hand wash or delicate machine wash in laundry bag
Hot or warm water may shrink the cotton
Line dry flat in shade only
Do Not Bleach
Do Not Tumble Dry
Iron on lowest setting if needed
For further information see your product packaging.
Product Warranty Click Here

Safe Sleeping Practices

When using a babyhood product we recommend that you follow safe sleeping practices. Whilst we appreciate and respect a parent’s right to make the right choices for their family, there are guidelines recommended by the medical experts for safer sleeping for your babies because we all want happy and healthy bubs.

These guidelines include:

Always sleep baby on their back from birth, not on their tummy or side.

Make sure there are no loose objects or extra linen on your baby’s cot.

Make sure your baby’s mattress is firm and clean.

Lay your baby on a flat and uninclined surface.

If you have questions about how to use our products please call us or email us, we are always happy to guide you to create a safe environment for your baby using our products.


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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 25 × 8 cm

Tic Tac Toe, Leaf

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Timber is a natural product; that is part of its beauty, so a colour variation, knots in the timber and grain pattern are both natural and to be expected. We do not colour match timber during fabrication as the waste from such practices would be environmentally irresponsible, so you will see some variations in your products. We believe this is what makes our timber products naturally beautiful. These variations are unavoidable as timber is seasonal and will vary between season, including the way in which the paint appears on different surfaces. These variations will not be considered manufacturing faults or defects under our warranty.

All products are covered by a specific warranty. Please refer to your product instruction manual for details of the warranty relating to the product. Alternatively please contact us at for more information.

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