Mesh Bath Support

The most essential tool for any parent to take the stress out of bath time with your baby and bring the fun back!

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Mesh Bath Support

Bath time should be one of the most enjoyable times with your baby, but for many parents, it is daunting as babies are small and slippery.

The solution is simple and effective – the Mesh Bath Support. It will give you the confidence to bath your baby safely and bring back the fun, for you and bub. The reason why is that it offers a support base for your baby, so you have one hand free to actually bath your baby. So, no bending over the bath hurting your back and no more slippery fingers trying to hold and wash your baby at the same time – which can be so stressful, especially with younger and preemie babies. You can now be hands-free to wash and play with your baby, as the babyhood Mesh Bath Support cradles your baby’s head, neck and back.

The bath support is unlike other bath aids as it is designed ergonomically to support your baby’s body more comfortably and reduces the risk of them slipping off the edge.  It has no pillow so it is safer and more versatile so you can turn your baby onto their tummy for a luxurious bath experience. See our blog to see how. It is great for newborn and preemie babies. It is also perfect for hot and humid climates, with a lightweight mesh cover that shapes to your baby’s body without hurting their delicate inner thigh areas, as many plastic bath aids do.

The cover of the bath support comes off for washing and can be gently machine washed. It is available in a wide range of colours. It is also available in Towelling.

For the safety of your baby, please do not leave your baby unattended at any time in the bath.

Enjoy bubbles of fun at bath time!

Confidence in Spades

as it will take the stress out of bath time.


for your baby, no slippery little baby

Perfect Angles

in all the right places, so it properly supports your infant from sliding


as it gives you back a hand to wash your baby


• Better for your back as no more heavy bending

• Safer for your baby as no more slippery babies to hold in your hands

• Be hands-free to wash baby

• More support for your baby’s back, head and neck


Packaged Dimensions W20cm x L19cm x H9cm
Product Dimensions 46cm long x 26cm wide
Age Range From birth +
Fabric Type Mesh Fabric
Frame Type Steel Frame
Safety Standard Tested to Consumer Goods (Baby Bath Aids) Safety Standard 2017
Product Care Gentle machine wash the cover or hand wash in warm water after baby’s bath and hang in shade on a line to dry.
The frame should be wiped dry and clean after use.
Do not clean with any detergents.
Do not dry clean, wash in hot water or insert in the dryer.
How to Use Insert the bath support in a bath once the water is filled. Check to ensure the water is not overfilled. Lay your baby using both hand on the bath support and ensure their head is well over the water level. Do not leave your baby unattended at any time and we remind you to ensure one hand and both eyes are on your baby at any given time, as accidents can happen very quickly. See our blog here for tips on how to bath your baby.
Product Warranty 6-month manufacturer’s no-fault warranty. This excludes wear and tear and damage due to incorrect use.


Toweling Bath Support

We came too late to the party on this, using our slippery, stupid, panicked, in- competent hands for weeks before I bought this funny little tezzo towel ramp for sonny to lay on and own bath time like the boss he is. Made bath time a lot easier and a lot less scary… – Via Zotheysay Blog

Zoe Foster Blake

Toweling Bath Support

This is one of the best inventions. We use it every time my daughter has a bath. She loves it!! 💕


Toweling Bath Support

We bought the Babyhood Toweling Bath Support, as our daughter was growing out of her baby bath tub but cannot sit up on her own yet. We’ve tried just holding her in the big tub but both my husband and I have bad backs (and daughters getting heavier), so that was not a good option. We also found the plastic bath seat no good either (was harder to clean baby’s back and bum area and daughter cried every time she was in it).

So we were very relieved to find that our daughter liked the Babyhood Toweling Bath Support. She is very relaxed in it and now enjoys her bath time. The design of the seat is good in that her legs are free to move in any direction. We still have one hand under her head (more to guide and prevent her moving too much) but her weight is on the bath support which means we don’t have to lift her constantly (great for our backs). I definitely recommend it 🙂 Very useful. Good price, baby enjoys it as fabric comfortable to seat on, baby’s legs free to move in any direction. – Via Product Review
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Ergo Bath Grouper + Toweling Bath Support

Our @babyhood_australia Ergo Grouper Bath & Stand + towelling bath support makes bath time so much easier! Not only does it save our backs but having the bath support helps when there is only one of us washing Georgii! It’s also super comfortable and relaxing for our little prince 🥰 – Via Instagram


Toweling Bath Support

I bought one of these when we were expecting our first the baby, as I liked the idea of being able to lay baby on it and enabling me to be hands free to wash baby without being uncoordinated trying to hold a squirmy, wet, slippery baby.
This turned out to be my most favourite baby item and the best value for money. It only cost around $20 but it was such a great buy. Fits in most baby baths and normal tubs and doesn’t slip around in the bath.
I recommend this to all new parents, you really appreciate it when your using it. It made bathing a new baby so much easier and you can use for quite a few months until they obviously get too big for it. I used it for both my children so i well and truly got my $20 worth out of it. 😍 – Via Product Reviews


Toweling Bath Support

My mother owned a similar toweling bath support almost 40 years ago which was used and handed down through the family over the next 20 years. When it came around to my turn for children. These were recommended to me as an essential item. Newborn babies are slippery and this gave me the confidence to bath my child without fear. I’ve found the full molded plastic bath supports do not stand up to the superior quality of the Babyhood Toweling Support and cannot be used for newborns. Tough, Inexpensive, reliable, Non slip, easy to store. -Via Product Review


Toweling Bath Support

This should be the first item on your checklist for your baby… Can be used inside a baby bath, a laundry sink, a bathtub or even placed in the shower. My baby lives it and I would not travel without it! Excellent size, lightweight, Terry toweling, can’t go wrong! I used it from when he was a newborn and still use it (now 6months), ESP in the shower. Easy to clean and to remove. Excellent product. -Via Product Review.
(image not provided so babyhood image inserted)


Ergo Grouper Bath & Stand

This bath tub has definitely made my life easier! It comes with a stand which is very stable and sturdy so it makes me feel safe bathing my newborn baby 👶🏼 I also like that it’s spacious and I can add the newborn bath support for some comfort for baby and me 👩‍👧 – Via Instagram


Ergo Grouper Bath & Stand

I originally came across this Babyhood Ergo Grouper Bath Stand at a baby expo and saw that it was a great quality bath. I love that it has a stand and it fits perfectly inside my shower. An added feature is the drain plug. No more bending or heavy lifting. Great product!  – Via Bubs N Grubs

Donna Borja

Ergo Grouper Bath & Stand

The small stand frame on this suited our small shower really well. The smallest dimensions compared to other products.
Drain plug means no lifting or tipping the water out when done. No sore back as not hunched over. Folds up for storage when not in use. Great product.  – Via Bubs N Grubs

Bec Whelan

Ergo Grouper Bath & Stand

Excellent price and works really well. We put this on our shower to make it easy to fill and drain. The stand means no sore back and bath time is super easy!! This would be in my list of most useful items for new parents.  – Via Bubs N Grubs

Chloe Appleton

Ergo Grouper Bath & Stand

We have a large en-suite shower, and no bathtub so this product is wonderful for me. Its tall enough that it won’t hurt my back and very sturdy. It’s also easy to empty, no need to lift a heavy tub I just aim the hose down towards the drain. 👩‍👧 – Via Bubs N Grubs

Natasha Buckley

Ergo Grouper Bath & Stand

After extensive review I settled for this bath tub and stand. Amazing quality. My wife can manage to give a bath to the bub by herself when I’m not around. Highly recommended 👩‍👧 – Via Bubs N Grubs


Ergo Grouper Bath & Stand

We bath Baby in our (large) shower in our ensuite. This bath and stand is sturdy and doesn’t slip on wet tiles. Love the plug and drainage pipe – no tipping the bath over to get rid of dirty water. There are also little places on the edge for soap, face washers, etc, also with drainage holes. Well thought-out. – Via Bubs N Grubs

Sheryn Gung

Ergo Grouper Bath & Stand

Great height , sturdy stand, good size bath, like the idea it has drain hole and pipe to drain.
Very quick service would highly recommend both this bath and stand. – Via Bubs N Grubs

Anna Barron

Ergo Grouper Bath & Stand

We think it’s wonderful and practical bath for my daughters new baby. The other bath we had was very impractical, hence buying your product. Your service was pretty efficient and quick. Thank you for your efficiency. – Via Bubs N Grubs



babyhood products are funky and well made and their customer service is above and beyond. They went out of their way to help me when I had an issue with one of their products that I purchased from another supplier and were so friendly and helpful through it all. (via Google Reviews)

Kate Green


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We do not recommend this product as a sleep surface for your baby. Do not leave your baby unattended.

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Weight 4.675 kg
Dimensions 25 × 17 × 44 cm

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All products are covered by a specific warranty. Please refer to your product instruction manual for details of the warranty relating to the product. Alternatively please contact us at for more information.

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