Glider & Rocking Chairs

    Transform any corner of your home into the ultimate escape for you and baby, with the babyhood Rocking Chair or Nursing Chair.

    As comfortable as they are beautifully stylish, they rocks gently, so you can feed, calm or bond with your baby in total comfort and style.

    Thoughtfully designed to meet all your baby’s feeding time needs and then transition to other parts of your home in years to come.

    No more bulky old fashioned rocking chairs or flimsy metal chairs with poles pocking through the cushions, now you have a wide range of options in babyhood’s Feeding Chairs. All our chairs are designed to offer optimal support to your body whilst feeding baby every 2-4 hours each day – without ever comprising on a style for your home.

    Showing all 5 results

    Showing all 5 results