Rocking Travel Bassinet – White

Gently glide your baby into sleepy dreamland with the most calming and gentle side to side motion, in this beautifully styled bassinet that packs away easily into a compact carry bag, so it travels effortlessly with you and bub on all your adventures.



Rocking Travel Bassinet

Planning a holiday with your baby? Sorting out your travel plans can be complicated but we have made choosing the perfect sleep space for your baby super easy, with our Rocking Travel Bassinet.

Not only does it easily pack away into a compact travel bag (which is included with your purchase) but this bassinet is a beautiful and safe sleep space for your baby at home, beside your bed or in your living space – so your baby is always by your side.

Your baby will love the gentle gliding motion as it is a unique side to side motion, which is more soothing than a traditional rocking motion. Just gently tap the side of the bassinet to encourage the motion to whisk your baby into sleepy dreamland or you can lock the gliding motion, when bub falls asleep.

This rocking bassinet is a safer option , than most traditional bassinets as it allows air flow with the full mesh bassinet basket so your baby breathes easier. The mattress is also firm and made from our breath eze fibre, which is tested for breathability.

What the Experts Say

Baby sleep experts like the highly regarded Dorothy Waide – baby nurse to the children of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael  Douglas, encourage parents to nurture and teach newborn babies to self-settle. Ms. Waide in her book, You Simply Can’t Spoil a Newborn, believes that “there is nothing more nurturing for a baby than to be held close, sensing the rhythm of your heart, your familiar smell and the warmth of your body. Psychologists talk about the first 12 weeks as being the phase when babies continue to identify themselves as still being part of their parent, so it makes sense to be close to each other whenever possible.”

Gliding Motion

A unique soothing side to side gliding motion to help you to settle your baby.

Safer for Your Baby

As your newborn baby is always in arms reach of you on a firm mattress pad.

Stronger for Your Baby

A robust aluminium frame secures the mesh basket for a safer pod for your baby.

Compact for Travel

Packs away effortlessly into a small carry bag, so you have a convenient sleep space for all your adventures with baby.

Breath Baby, Breath

A full mesh bassinet basket allows for maximum air flow for your baby.

More Hygienic for Your Baby

A washable mattress and mesh basket so that you can easily wash away the mess after your great adventures.

Versatile for You

An all in one unit that includes the hood for sun protection, a net to protect against the mossies and cute hanging toys.


• Soothingly glides your baby from side to side with a gentle touch from you
• Gliding motion can be locked when your baby sleeps
• Strong and sturdy with an aluminium frame
• Breathability with mesh for airflow
• Visibility with mesh panels
• Perfect for use at home or for travelling with bub
• Packs down easily into a compact bag
• Keeps your baby protected from the elements with a canopy hood and also a built in net to protect against the mozzie and other nasties
• Cute hanging toys to keep your baby amused
• Firm and washable mattress


Assembled Dimension Width – 64cm
Length – 92cm
Height – 75cm (no hood) – 101cm (with hood)
Folded in bag – 47cm x 48cm x 18cm – 6.3kg
Mattress Height Mattress height from floor – 51cm
Bassinet Dimensions (sleeping area) Width – 47cm
Length – 89cm
Depth – 24cm
Carton 1 W49cm x L50cm x H19cm – 7.4kg
Mattress Size 41cm x 82.5cm x 2.5cm – mattress included
Age Range Newborn to the earlier of 9kg or when you baby can sit upright
Standards Testing EN 1130-1 & EN 1130-2 – Children’s Furniture
Assembly Instructions Please contact us – Click Here
Product Care Maintenance of this product each month is essential as the product has moving parts. Check to ensure that the screws are tightened securely in place, the basket has not twisted or angled during use, especially when it is pushed too close to your bed as this can angle the cradle. Also, check the wheels are working smoothly and that there are no broken or damaged parts.

We recommend that you lift the dropside up, once bub is asleep and you are ready for bed too. Do not leave the dropside down when baby is unattended.

This is centrally pivoted cradle with a suspended basket, that will have sway and movement, as baby learns to move and roll. This is not a safety concern.

Clean any spills on the timber immediately with a soft, clean and damp (not wet) cloth and do not use abrasive cleaners. The cover can be gently washed in cold water on a delicate cycle in a separate delicate’s bag in the machine. Line dry in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight. Do not dry clean.

The plastics may be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild detergent solution and dried with a soft cloth.

Your mattress includes a timber support board. We recommend that you rotate your mattress and board regularly, ensure that the mattress and board remain dry (as moisture will cause your board to bend) and the maximum weight limit of 9kg is not exceeded.

Product Warranty This product carries a 6 month from the date of purchase manufacturer’s fault warranty. Please return your product to your store of purchase with a copy of your receipt, for any assistance.
For more information – Click Here

Safe Sleeping Practices

When using a babyhood cot we recommend that you follow safe sleeping practices. Whilst we appreciate and respect a parent’s right to make the right choices for their family, there are guidelines recommended by the medical experts for safer sleeping for your babies because we all want happy and healthy bubs.

These guidelines include:

Always sleep baby on their back from birth, not on their tummy or side.

Make sure there are no loose objects or extra linen on your baby’s cot.

Make sure your baby’s mattress is firm and clean.

Lay your baby on a flat and uninclined surface.

We know that there are many co sleeper bassinets in the market that promote that you can adjust the mattress to incline to help with colic. This is very dangerous. Medical experts do not recommend you incline a baby for sleeping, unless they are in a hospital environment and are supervised by medial experts. This is because it can be fatal to your baby. The Australia Government is currently in the process of considering banning products that incline for sleeping. Keep your baby safe and do not trust brands or products that incline your baby for sleeping. If you would like more information, please watch our VLOG about safe sleeping in a cradle.

If you have questions about how to use our products please call us or email us, we are always happy to guide you to create a safe environment for your baby using our products.


Breathe Eze Cosy Crib

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Breathe Eze Cosy Crib

He loved his babyhood bed when he first slept in it at 2 wks and still loves it to this day at 18 weeks.

Breathe Eze Cosy Crib

Seriously the best thing for baby. We use it every day. Have been recommending it to everyone.


Great customer service and amazing quality products. We are very happy and recommend other parents to go there. From Helen & Charles via Google Reviews

Helen Modong
Kaylula Cot

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Rochelle Currie


babyhood products are funky and well made and their customer service is above and beyond. They went out of their way to help me when I had an issue with one of their products that I purchased from another supplier and were so friendly and helpful through it all. (via Google Reviews)

Kate Green
babyhood Cot

Love this cot and it is great quality with so many possibilities to grow with my daughter! Looks so perfect in her nursery 😍 via Google Reviews

Aimee Cuneo

“Wow just wow. Went and picked up my order directly from babyhood the help was amazing – I will return and share with all my mummy friends”. via Google Reviews

Jamie Fleekson
Co Sleeper Cradle

“Bought co sleeper cradle online – selected pick up in store and was ready to pick up and was ready the same day” via Google Reviews

Angus Fisher
Kaylula Collection

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Jeffrey Tennyson
Riya Cot

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Mel Watts
Kaylula Sova Cot

“Fell in love as soon as I saw this cot because of its unique shape and design. My fav part is the clear panels which allow me to have a clear view of him from every angle lolol” via Instagram

Kaylula Sova Cot

“Love this cot and your gorgeous bassinet @babyhood_australia” via Instagram

Kaylula Sova Cot

“The mattress was so important for me. It’s breathable, washable and it’s a thicker mattress with extra support and safety for Fox. It’s also tested by Furntech – AFRDI to meet the highest Australian Standards so I’m confident I have the safest cot for my babe” via Instagram

Kaylula Sova Cot

“Super trendy and something I usually wouldn’t have the confidence to go for. It starts as a circle bassinet and grows as the baby grows into an oval cot (Yes Fox is already in this size – he is a big boy!) and then it turns into a toddler bed and eventually a little table and chairs set” via Instagram


Vogue Feeding Glider Chair

“It’s white, plush, so comfortable it has lumbar support – it’s unbelievable how sore your back and neck gets from nursing. It’s stain and scratch resistant so it stays pretty too. It also reclines and the biggest thing it doesn’t rock, it glides, making it a perfect soothing chair when Fox is unsettled.” via Instagram

Ava Forever High Chair

“Still loving our high chair from @babyhood_australia” via Instagram

Riya Cot

“Went for the Riya because of the adjustable mattress and because it transitions to a toddler bed” via Instagram

Organic Nursing Pillow

“Elle loves sitting up and watching us in my breastfeeding pillow from @babyhood_australia” via Instagram

Kaylula Sova Cot

“She loves hanging out in her cot @babyhood_australia chatting away and giggling to her mobile.” via Instagram



All products are covered by a specific warranty. Please refer to your product instruction manual for details of the warranty relating to the product. Alternatively please contact us at for more information.

Images are for illustration only, product may vary slightly.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 60 × 55 × 18 cm

All products are covered by a specific warranty. Please refer to your product instruction manual for details of the warranty relating to the product. Alternatively please contact us at for more information.

Timber is a natural product; that is part of its beauty, so a colour variation, knots in the timber and grain pattern are both natural and to be expected. We do not colour match timber during fabrication as the waste from such practices would be environmentally irresponsible, so you will see some variations in your products. We believe this is what makes our timber products naturally beautiful. These variations are unavoidable as timber is seasonal and will vary between season, including the way in which the paint appears on different surfaces. These variations will not be considered manufacturing faults or defects under our warranty.

All products are covered by a specific warranty. Please refer to your product instruction manual for details of the warranty relating to the product. Alternatively please contact us at for more information.

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