Are Inclined Baby Products Safe For Sleeping?

We are often asked can our Co Sleeper incline?

The simple answer is No and it shouldn’t.

The problem is many parents are led to believe by baby product brands that they should reduce the severity of reflux by placing their baby on an angle or incline.

This is dangerous.

When you incline your baby, you put your baby’s head chin to chest and cause their airways to occlude which will result in a fatal injury, as your baby will not be able to breathe.

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© StandInBaby

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is investigating infant inclined products. The ACCC initiated the review following the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (US CPSC) reports of over 70 fatalities in the US associated with the use of these products since 2005. On 31 October 2019, the US CPSC cautioned consumers to cease using infant sleep products with inclines of more than 10 degrees for sleep. The US CPSC released the results of agency-commissioned research, led by Erin Mannen Ph.D., which analysed the design and incident reports related to the use of inclined products (the Mannen report).

So whilst Australia is still investigating these dangerous products, other governments like the New Zealand government have already banned inclined products designed to be used for infants to sleep in.

Most co sleepers in Australia are marketed to incline your baby to 30 degrees or more. These brands do not understand the risks associated with selling products so have created a false and dangerous impression for parents that it is safe to incline your baby for sleep time.

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