Ultimate Change Pad

A change pad that is uniquely different as it supports your baby with higher sides and contains the mess, unlike other change pads which are angled with low sides, so all the mess runs off the pad and onto your furniture. It is luxuriously soft and comfy for your baby, as it is not made with a hardened plastic like the other pads. It is easy to wipe clean and has no texture within the pad, so no mess can get trapped in the pad.



Ultimate Change Pad

The Ultimate Change Pad is a luxuriously comfy change pad for your bub at home or on the go.

It is different to the other pads on the market as:

1. It has high rise sides to help contain your little wriggler and it is flat, so it does not cause the poo explosions from running off the mat and onto your furniture and carpet.

2. It is also more hygienic, as it smooth with no textured surface to trap your baby’s mess (which would be impossible to clean!).

3. It is soft and comfy, not a hard plastic that requires additionally padding.

4. There are no ties or belts so no strangulation hazards for your baby.

5. The Change Pad is flat with no incline, so it is safer for your newborn.

6. It is healthier with no hidden nasties. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), no latex and no fire retardant chemicals

It can be used on any firm, flat and dry surface, including change tables, chests of drawers, on the floor and in the back of the car. It is perfect for as your baby grows, as it can be positioned on the floor, so you are not lifting your baby up to a higher surface, so better for your back. Always ensure you are at your baby’s side, during use.

It is waterproof can be easily wiped clean with a non-alcoholic baby wipe or warm water, so your baby’s changing space is always hygienically clean. It also saves you extra time in the laundry, as there is no need for change mat covers.

The Ultimate Change Pad is safe for your baby manufactured using high density PU Foam, and is BPA, Phthalates and PVC free and most importantly tested to EN 71 Regulatory Standard (Infant Product Safety Test).


With extra high curved sides to ensure your baby is secure


BPA, Phthalates and PVC free

Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

No latex

No fire retardant chemicals


Wipeable with warm water

Easier for You

No extra laundry


Can be used on the floor or any flat safe surface


• High sides for extra support

• Luxurious soft and comfy for bub

• Waterproof so keeps your surfaces clean

• Hygienic as it is easy to clean with a non-alcoholic baby wipe or warm water

• For use on firm, flat and dry surface

• No ties or strangulation hazards

• Lays flat

• PVC free

• BPA free

• Tested to EN 71 – Infant Product Safety Test

Regulatory Standards

Tested to EN 71 – Infant Product Safety Test.


Assembled Dimension W73 x L43 x H9cm
Carton 1 W74 x L44 x H10cm
Age Range Newborn to 24kg
Standards Testing EN 71 – Infant Product Safety Test
How to Use We recommend the Change Pad be placed on a minimum support surface of 483 mm x 762 mm. The support surface must be flat, stable, structurally sound and if off the ground, preferably have an edge or a lip. Do not leave your child unattended and ensure all your changing needs are within your arm’s reach of your baby.
Important Information This Change Pad is manufactured using a unique process of liquid foam, which makes them more comfortable for your baby. Unlike other pads, we do not use any toxic chemicals during this process of creating the pad, as it is unsafe for your baby and dangerous to the environment. As a result, you may see a variation of colour in the pad (swirls and dots of a darker shade) as the pad is not one solid colour. Whilst the top of the pad is smooth, the underside of the pad is not intended to be smooth and will have air bubbles and other imperfections. Each side of the change pad has 2 perforations, as per the pictures above. These are natural imperfections and the result of the moulding process, as we do not use any toxic chemicals in production. These are not manufacturing faults.

Whilst we do our best to create beautiful products for you, safety is always paramount, so we thank you for your understanding and supporting our business to create safer products for your baby.

Product Care & Warranty

Prior to use please clean with warm water and soft sponge. The product may be dusty as we have trying to reduce our plastic packaging in our products.
Do not use bleach or abrasive cleaners.

The Change Pad is not one flat colour and you will see a variation of colour in the pad (swirls and dots of a darker shade). This is part of the production process.

The underside of the Change Pad is not intended to be smooth and is the result of the moulding process.

Do not use sharp objects near the pad.
May change colour if placed in direct sunlight.

6 Month Manufacturing Fault Warranty.


Ultimate Change Pad

‘With our third baby we really wanted convenient and compact products. This has been a great change mat. It’s portable so I can use it any where in the house. It’s slim and light. We love that it’s waterproof so it’s easy to clean and I often put a sheepskin over it and place it on the floor for a safe place to entertain (or simply get something done when you need two hands)’.- Via GlobalbabyNZ

Narae Y
Ultimate Change Pad

Lovely mat, super easy to wipe clean and convenient! Cost effective and love that we don’t have to spend more money and time buying and washing change mat covers.
Sits great on top of our drawers and saves space by avoiding a devoted changing table which simply wouldn’t work in our little room. Via GlobalbabyNZ

Megan A.
Ultimate Change Pad

This changing mat is the most well designed product we have bought for our baby. Our changing table came with a conventional changing mat, but the first time we used it our baby projectile pooped over the soft white surface and stained it. The Babyhood changing mat is so easy to wipe clean, and is comfortable and safe for our wriggly little newborn. Via GlobalbabyNZ

Betty M.
Ultimate Change Pad

Perfect as a spare change pad, we have 2 under 2 and didn’t want to have to purchase another change table and set of drawers so this was the perfect alternative. Via GlobalbabyNZ

Gemma A.
Ultimate Change Pad

This is an item that you must have for your baby.  This mat is the new way to change your baby. So easy to clean and saves a lot of money on washing and buying change pad covers which you don’t need anymore. The best part is that it stay firm in place on my chest of drawers and very easy to move around if you need. I absolutely pleased with my purchase and it looks amazing in my baby nursery. Via Bubs & Grubs

Kimberly Berkefeld
Ultimate Change Pad

Great change mat. I was searching for an easy to clean option, without the need for a cover. It is bigger than I thought, so it should last my going to be tall boy a long time. Very easy to transport to either the bedroom or nursery depending on what you prefer. The high sides are a great bonus. Via Bubs & Grubs

Ultimate Change Pad

No mess is too messy with this change mat. Highly recommend!!! I should have bought this as my first change mat but chose the more standard option and then needed this one for a wet area. Turns out it is best overall!. Via Bubs & Grubs

Ultimate Change Pad

Babyhood Ultimate change pad is the perfect size mat, feels awesome and easy to clean, stylish and came super quick! Exactly what we were looking for!  Via Temple & Webster

Alana Spitalnic
Ultimate Change Pad

Sturdy fit on top of tall boy, does not slip. Easy to clean material and no need to have an additional cover. Very fit for purpose and easy to move around if need be. Via Bubs N Grubs

Aaesha Yusuf
Ultimate Change Pad

Great product. Light but does not slip around. It is silicone not plastic so is not hard or cold to touch, and key reason for my purchase was that you can easily wipe it down. Via Bubs N Grubs

Ultimate Change Pad

The product is exactly as advertised. It was packaged neatly and securely. The change pad is great quality and light. Easy to move around. Look forward to using this once baby arrives. Via Bubs N Grubs

Lisa Tran
Ultimate Change Pad

Excellent! So easy to wipe up any messes. It’s also the perfect width to fit on top of my chest of drawers whilst still having a sturdy base, unlike other brands which would overhang slightly. The raised sides also add some comfort that my baby isn’t going to roll straight off the side. Via Bubs N Grubs

Rebecca Stansfield
Ultimate Change Pad

Soft, comfortable and portable and most importantly super easy to wipe down and clean!. Temple & Webster

Talia Bilgola
Ultimate Change Pad

Love this product it is super soft and easy to clean and I love that it has edges the whole way around Via Temple & Webster

Georgia Nicholls
Ultimate Change Pad

This item arrived super fast and exactly as described! Great texture adn size – sits on top of drawers really easily (have just added a non-slip mat so that it cant move around). Easy to wipe down. No nonsense packaging either which is awesome for the environment! Via Bubs N Grubs

Jemma May


All products are covered by a specific warranty. Please refer to your product instruction manual for details of the warranty relating to the product. Alternatively, please contact us at for more information.

We do not recommend this product as a sleep surface for your baby. Do not leave your baby unattended.

Additional information

Weight 8.14 kg
Dimensions 74 × 44 × 10 cm

Grey, Nude

All products are covered by a specific warranty. Please refer to your product instruction manual for details of the warranty relating to the product. Alternatively please contact us at for more information.

Timber is a natural product; that is part of its beauty, so a colour variation, knots in the timber and grain pattern are both natural and to be expected. We do not colour match timber during fabrication as the waste from such practices would be environmentally irresponsible, so you will see some variations in your products. We believe this is what makes our timber products naturally beautiful. These variations are unavoidable as timber is seasonal and will vary between season, including the way in which the paint appears on different surfaces. These variations will not be considered manufacturing faults or defects under our warranty.

All products are covered by a specific warranty. Please refer to your product instruction manual for details of the warranty relating to the product. Alternatively please contact us at for more information.

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