Breathe Eze Bassinet Mattress

Designed to provide your baby with optimum support for their delicate body and great breathability through the breathable fabrics keeping your baby comfortable and safe, in a firmer mattress.


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Did you know that your baby will spend up to 80% of their first year sleeping?

babyhood’s Breathe Eze Bassinet Mattresses will ensure optimum support and comfort for your newborn’s delicate baby. The breathe eze fibre creates a healthy environment that is breathable, microbial, dust mite and allergy resistant. This is important for children prone to asthma, allergies, eczema and sensitive skin. There is no foam in our bassinet mattresses – so no toxic chemicals like formaldehyde releasing harmful fumes into their delicate lungs. The use of bonded fibre also creates a firm and elastic mattresses to ensure they offer perfect balance of comfort and ergonomic support for your baby.

Best of all our Breathe Eze Fibre Mattresses are fully machine washable so they are the hygienic choice for busy parents, who want the best for their newborn babies.
For your peace of mind, our babyhood mattresses comply to the Australian mattress standard, so they are designed to reduce the concerns associated with SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Make the safer choice for your baby with a quality babyhood Breathe Eze Fibre Bassinet Mattress today.


  • Fully machine washable so very hygienic for busy parents
  • Firm and supportive for safer sleeping
  • Breathe Eze bonded fibre pad for breathability
  • Cotton cover to absorb moisture easily
  • Allergy resistant
  • Anti microbial
  • Dust mite resistant
  • Removable cover for washing
  • Breathe Eze Fibre tested for harmful chemicals to RoHS Directive (EU) 2015/863 amending Annex II to Directive 2011/65/EU
  • Complies with AS/NZS 8811.1 : 2013 – Mattress / Sleep Surface Test for Firmness

    What is Breathe Eze Padding and Wadding?

    All babyhood padding and wadding is made using heat bonded polyester fibre. Polyester fibre is a great form of padding and provides a firm and elastic sleeping surface for your baby.

    We know it is safe as it is independently tested by SGS to Breathe Eze Fibre tested for harmful chemicals like lead and mercury to RoHS Directive (EU) 2015/863 amending Annex II to Directive 2011/65/EU

    Did you know that over 12% of the population suffer from asthma and 40% from allergies, the babyhood Breathe Eze Mattress Range is a breath of fresh air for your newborn baby. Our breathe eze fibre is made from polyester which is a non-toxic , non harmful and a low VOC product. Polyester fibres are strong and the size of our fibres are large, so they are non respirable and therefore prevent airborne fibre occurrence. This limits any chance of becoming a potential airborne pollutant and are therefore much better for your baby. The breathe eze fibre is not only breathable for your baby but dust mite and allergy resistant and anti microbial also, which is so essential for your precious baby’s growing body. There is no foam in our breathe eze fibre mattresses. We do not use foam in our breathe eze mattresses because we believe it is toxic for your baby as it omits fumes which may impact on your baby’s respiratory system. We also do not use foam as it is highly combustible and often requires the addition of formaldehyde and fire retardants. There are no fire retardants or formaldehyde in our mattresses as our breathe eze fibre is inherently flame retardant and does not flare up like other textiles.

    Why heat bonding?
    We use thermally bonded fibre as this process utilizes less chemicals and reduces your baby’s exposure to harsh chemicals used in other chemical and petroleum methods of bonding. So there are no binders, adhesives or blowing agents which may have significant health impacts over time.

Our mattresses are made from Breathe Eze Fibre. This is not foam. To care for your mattress we recommend that you rotate your mattress regularly (once per week), especially where your child sleeps in the same position. At least once per month we recommend that  your mattress is aerated in the sun, on a warm sunny day. Lay the mattress on a flat clean surface and rotate through the day. This helps to ensure your mattress stays aerated and firm.


Humid weather and perspiration will cause your mattress to compress more easily. To alleviate this you can wash your mattress with cold water and dry completely in the sun or use a hair dryer to aerate your mattress (warm air).


Do not dry clean. Do not put in the washing machine or dryer.


Always remember current safe sleep guidelines recommend  babies must be placed on their backs when sleeping.

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