6 Things To Know Before Buying A Pram (Number 2 will save you $$$)

6 Things To Know Before Buying A Pram

(Number 2 will save you $$$)

Did you know that most families will buy at 2-3 prams per child?

It can be an overwhelming experience, so let us help you to make the right decision for your family from the beginning to save you money and time.

1. What do you intend to use your pram for?

Often parents will buy a pram based on a friend’s recommendation, but we and our lifestyles are often different from our friends. There is no point buying a pram that is designed for jogging when you didn’t jog before baby and it is unlikely to take up running after having baby.

Ask yourself, questions like

• Do I need a single or double pram?

• Will I need to add a second seat for a toddler, in the near future?

• Can I really carry a 20kg pram, after having a baby?

• Where will I be using my pram?

2. Is your pram safe for your newborn baby or do you need to buy extras?

Most European prams are not designed for a newborn baby, as their upright seat style is not recommended for an infant (puts them chin to chest and increases the risk of asphyxiation). An infant should lay flat. To overcome this many brands will require you to purchase a separate bassinet which can only be used for a few months. Not only is costly for you but it takes up very expensive real estate in our already overcrowded cars and living spaces. So look for a seat that lays flat from the start, without having to use an extra bassinet.

If you use a baby bassinet, make sure your bassinet has a 5-point harness (as required by the Australian Standards). Many bassinets unfortunately do not include a harness, so they are not safe for infants.

3. Does your pram fold easily?

This is the number one problem for most women, as they struggle to open and close their pram. It is not that we are incompetent but when you have a crying baby in the car and you are rushing home from a busy day and you need to quickly fold your easy fold baby prams and pack it away, who needs the hassle of a pram that is too hard to fold.

4. Can you lift your pram?

Often, after having a baby, we have not yet rebuilt our strength – so look for a pram that is either lightweight or separates in two parts, so you are never lifting one heaving load. Many prams weigh in excess of 20kgs or the brands forget to mention that the pram weight listed on their website do not include the wheels or the fabrics.

5. Will your pram fit in your car boot?

A small car is great for zipping around but sometimes the boot space is a little short, so make sure you check the dimensions of a pram, prior to purchase. Remember you also need space for bags, groceries and other items so make sure the pram doesn’t take up all your boot space.

6. Does your pram offer extra sun protection, safely?

Our Australian climate is harsh. Look for a pram that offers full sun protection for your baby with a complete drape, canopy and 50+ UV protection on all the fabrics of the pram. Some canopies can offer only partial protection and unfortunately medical experts do not recommend that you cover the hood or pram with a blanket or cover, as this can significantly increase the temperature in the seat for you baby, making it unsafe. Look for a drape that is built into the hood, that allows airflow through vents – so your baby stays cool.

If you need more information to help you find the best option for you, please visit our Brisbane showroom or call us on (07) 3208 3555.

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